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You might have heard or read people telling you to try journaling, but you never quite caught on with it. It seems strange when you think about it at first. Me? Writing everything that goes through my mind? What’s the purpose of it? How would I even start? I’m not very good at writing, so how could it possibly benefit my life? Do I just write anything?

Firstly, you do not have to be an exceptional writer to write down your own thoughts and feelings. It is literally your own life that you are writing about. Express yourself with your own words. Secondly, you can start by writing about the first thing that comes to mind, your thoughts and reflections will flow after that. It will become easier.

Thirdly, the purpose (the why and how) of this all. Here it is:


Journaling may help you realise how many thoughts go in and out of that brain of yours. It’s amazing. As you read what you write, you’ll find that you start understanding yourself a bit more. You can reflect on the situation that you just wrote about and may receive some clarity on it. You see, your mind is remarkably powerful. Your thoughts become your feelings and as you document it all, you will experience a shift in your life. You essentially become a (completely free) therapist you thought you never needed – or maybe you did.


In order for this to work effectively, you need to write every day. If you prefer to write in the morning, afternoon or evening, it’s up to you. Do not tell yourself that you do not have time. Tell yourself that you will make the time. Schedule a reminder on your phone, whatever works for you. Journaling becomes so essential to your wellbeing because you are sharing your every day life with yourself, by yourself and for yourself. Make it a habit. Even if it’s just four sentences. Write it down.

[If you enjoy writing in a book, you can purchase a simple one here. If you’d prefer a journal app, here are two: One Day (paid) & Evernote (free)]


As you encounter the therapeutic and routine aspects of journaling, you will experience complete control over your life. Why? Because you are processing your thoughts and emotions in a highly influential way. Your awareness will be heightened. The more control you have over yourself, the more you’ll be able to understand the thoughts and feelings of others. How you view yourself and life will change immensely.

I find these three main points to be the most helpful. Comment below if you have any others or share your journaling experiences!


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