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For the last month, I have been completely dedicated to affirming things into my life. Whether it be certain situations, opportunities or relationships. I have affirmed all that I have seen and yet to see.


Because your mind is possibly the most powerful tool you possess. You can make yourself believe anything. You can make yourself believe that you’re worthy by constantly telling yourself that you’re worthy. Or, you can tell yourself you’re not good enough and eventually, you will believe it.

Now, we cannot always shut out negative thoughts or emotions. That wouldn’t be healthy. However, you can CHOOSE not to dwell in them. That’s the key. Do not dwell in a sticky situation that now has you thinking that nothing will ever go right for you. The more you think about that particular thought, the more you’re going to believe it and it will manifest into something bigger. Instead, take a deep breath, accept the outcome and practice some affirmations that will change your vibration.

So, what affirmations can help you in the beginning?

> I am a magnet for miracles.
> I manifest the things I want by believing in their existence.
> I love myself.
> I attract loving relationships into my life.
> I attract only good things into my life.
> Things always work out for me.
> I am wealthy right now.
> I believe in the person I’m becoming.
> My every step is one of courage.
> Everything comes to me at the perfect time.
> I am filled with energy.
> Happiness flows freely from me.

I have also included an affirmation video I found on YouTube that has helped me greatly:





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