5 ways to cultivate self-love


Self-love is a necessity. People in today’s world tend to think that self-love and selfishness are the same thing. Let me clear that up before I go any further:

self-love: noun. Regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. The belief you hold that you are a valuable and worthy person.

selfish: adjective. concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself ; seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others

Right. So, here are 5 simple ways to cultivate self-love:

1. Learn to enjoy your own company

Many people don’t know how to be alone because they avoid it so much. Being content with being in your own presence is a feeling like no other. Fulfilling. Watch that movie on your own. Read a book. Go shopping. Do the things you enjoy without feeling the need to do it with someone all the time. Learn to become careless with how others may perceive you embracing ‘me time.’

2. Become mindful

When we become mindful, we are essentially understanding ourselves on a completely different level. It’s so important to be conscious of our thoughts, feelings and desires. They’re all interconnected and if we don’t make the time to process our thoughts, everything else will be disoriented.

3. Daily positive affirmations & gratefulness

I am loved. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am courageous. I am capable. I am grateful for this life I have. I am grateful for the bed I sleep in. I am grateful for the cup of coffee I had this morning.

Doing this on a daily basis forms a positive vibration, which becomes energy and is transformed into a belief. Believing in yourself and being grateful for everything (despite its size) will improve your self-love dramatically.

4. Forgive Yourself

We are not perfect beings. We are hard on ourselves and sometimes we need to give ourselves a break. Acknowledge your actions and understand that forgiving yourself will release a huge weight off your shoulders. You’re doing great. Keep going and remember that mistakes are a part of this life thing.

5. Exercise

Take some time to have a 10 minute walk. Go for a 30 minute run or do some sit-ups. Get your blood flowing and let those endorphins out. Exercise will improve your mood, sleeping patterns, mental health and will relieve unwanted stress. Not only that, your body will thank you for looking after it. One of the highest forms of self-love!


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