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I took it upon myself to ask one of my dear friends, Chanelle Sanjit, a few questions regarding kindness. I chose her specifically because when we had first met, I immediately felt a sense of warmth and friendliness around her. She has taught me a few principles of kindness through her actions and I’d thought I’d share this.

What is kindness to you?

Kindness to me is genuinely doing things solely to benefit others without any expectation of gaining anything in return. I also believe that kindness is about maintaining a subtle and caring heart even when a certain situation or individual makes it difficult to.

What are your 3 simple ways to show acts of kindness?

If I’m in a coffee shop and I see someone is enjoying a cup of coffee on their own, I make it known to my waiter(ess) that I’d like to pay for that person’s coffee bill. I do it without their acknowledgement, hoping that it will leave a sense of surprise or a smile on their face. It’s a small gesture that only costs about R25. 

Making conversation with people who others normally wouldn’t approach. Security/car guards, cashiers, waitresses, the homeless. I try to give them the same amount of kindness as I give to my friends and family. Offering people your time instead of just money is one of my main keys to kindness.

I choose one specific person (regardless of whether I know them or not) to bless every month. This could be in the form of finances, a free photography shoot or writing them a thoughtful note.

What do you think is the best form of kindness? How has it changed your life?

I think in order to be kind, there needs to be a form of love constantly gravitating within you. In order to love those who make it easy to love and those who may seem unlovable, we need to be kind to ourselves too. It’s always being said, but consciously loving myself has been the best form of conveying those acts of kindness to others. That changed my life. 


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