how to handle people with superior complexes

This post is specifically written for all the underdogs out there.

Have you noticed how people who throw their authority all over the place are almost always the first ones to kick down the underdogs?
It’s always great to see when the underdog eventually comes out of nowhere and shocks us. However, we don’t always see the part where the person of authority overwhelms the underdog with toxic behavior. Maybe they don’t even see it, but when you’re constantly on the receiving end, it isn’t easy to shrug it off.
Before I carry on…

Signs that someone has a superiority complex:

  • Arrogance is basically a way of life for them.
  • They’re apathetic. 
  • They’ll grab any opportunity to keep themselves elevated and you down.
  • They can be manipulative. 
It is a serious psychological defense mechanism. Where does it come from? Well, ironically, those who have a superiority complex carry a deep sense of inferiority. I personally believe that there may be an alarming amount of pain within these people. It’s hard to watch.
Some underdogs are more hard-headed than others and won’t allow them to affect their space. Then there are the softies (I am one of them, meh) who tend to take personal offense, and lock themselves in a room to figure out what they did/said wrong. 
After observing a few hard-headed underdogs, I took down some mental notes. 

How to handle people who have a superiority complex:

  • Make a conscious effort to remind yourself that they do not validate you.
  • If you know for a fact that you didn’t say/do anything wrong then try ignore their behavior. This takes practice.
  • Just because you cannot fully recognize all your capabilities doesn’t mean that they’re not instilled in you. Underdogs surprise themselves, a lot.
  • A soft nature can be utilized as a strength. Kill them with kindness.
  • Be aware that it’s not healthy to be around people like that. If you can, remove yourself from their presence every chance you get.

“Being underestimated is one of the biggest advantages you can have.”

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  1. I really needed to read this, I’ve recently been dealing with someone who definitely has this and they have made me feel so bad about myself. I need to keep reminding myself that they do not validate me. Thank you! x

    Sophia x x

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