how to get into alignment

This specific question has been lingering in my mind for quite some time. Alignment is such a powerful place to be in and I don’t think it gets discussed enough. I’ve heard how being in alignment with Source Energy (the higher power you believe in) is the beginning of a huge transformation in our lives, so I decided to dig deeper and learn how to get there.


Firstly, what does getting into alignment mean?

Alignment basically means that you are a vibrational match to your desires. This requires you to pay attention to the feelings that are directly related to attaining your desires. The main focus is to feel GOOD. Alignment can also be seen as a state of allowing.




The reality of life isn’t always going to pretty. We’re going to face trials and tribulations and sometimes it can throw us off into a negative space. When you are feeling a negative emotion, the thought you are thinking is not in harmony with your greater wanting. The first step to getting into alignment is to decide that you are going to feel good. That’s the only thing that matters. Make a list of things that make you feel grateful, happy or excited and use them as mood shifters. If you find yourself in a negative situation or state of mind, focus on your mood shifters and regain control of your mind. Your thoughts direct your feelings.



Set time aside every day to set your intentions. Zone into raising your vibration and concentrate on feeling good now. Take some quiet time to be still. You can meditate while sitting, standing, lying down, walking or dancing. Visualize your life as how you want it to be. What do those desires feel like? Be specific. Tune into that frequency and believe that those desires are already yours. It’s been recommended to do this in the morning, in order to set the tone of each day. Practice gratitude for everything in your life at this present morning. 



To me, affirmations are words that speak things into existence. There is no place for words which bring limiting beliefs. Repeating positive affirmations have a major impact on your mindset and can help you get into alignment instantly. 


Limitations VS Affirmations

I won’t make it on time I will make it on time

I’m not good enough ▽ I am more than good enough.

My life is boring, uninspiring and monotonous My life is extraordinary, fun and interesting.



There is something about reading that brings us into a calm state of being. Reading something inspirational, positive and encouraging is another way to help us get into alignment. One simple sentence can trigger a thought which can help you feel incredibly good. 



Your thoughts and feelings determine your beliefs. If you journal your thoughts and acknowledge the feelings that come along with them through writing, you will notice the patterns in your beliefs. Writing will help you understand where your thoughts are leading you. You’ll be able to spot a negative belief much faster and can start fixing the root of the belief. Along with that, jotting down positive affirmations and intentions will get you into alignment with so much ease. Capture your ideas and desires with as much detail as possible, your vibration is bound to elevate. 



I’ve tried creating a vision board on my phone and made it my wallpaper and I noticed that it only really helped me get into alignment when I really focused on what I was looking at. That’s the key, focus. The intentional process behind a vision board is, however, a great way to get us feeling good. 


To wrap this post up, alignment is anything that gets you into that inner stream of peace which flows through you. You don’t have to question it and you don’t have to “work” to get it. You just go with the flow and nothing seems to phase you. No stress, no explanation, you are simply “being”. 

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  1. This was such a beautiful post! I was in a negative mindset yesterday and I think another important thing to note is that sometimes it’s not your own negative energy but someone else’s that you might be carrying. I am one to take on others energies without noticing but I’ve slowly become more aware of this and when it happen I ask myself questions like “does this emotion come from me” “what is it I am feeling” and I listen to the first response that comes up then do what I am drawn to in order to release that energy; maybe dancing, verbally saying I am bringing you into the light, saging myself or doing a meditation to just feel and release that energy.

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