trust the timing of your life

How many times have you questioned the stage at which your life is currently at? The anxiety, pressure, discomfort, and frustration can be numbing at times, I know.


Today’s world lives for instant gratification and it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with unrealistic expectations. Everything must happen now and if it doesn’t happen when we want it to happen, we’re overwhelmed with dissatisfaction. It’s almost as if things such as baby steps and patience have no place in the postmodern world.


Let’s reveal the uncomfortable truth.


We cannot force events in our life to happen according to our timetable. Of course, this is tremendously annoying. We want to be in control of where we’re going and (for the most part) we are. We’re just not in control of the timing of it all.


Divine timing is what we should be directing our focus on. Divine timing doesn’t translate to sitting and waiting for our life to take its course. In addition, forcing and rushing things to come to fruition is the absolute opposite of life’s divine timing.


You may have been focusing all your energy on something you want and it’s just not happening right now. Rest, direct your focus towards something else. You’ve taken inspired action, learn to be patient.


You may have been wanting to try something you’ve always been interested in but are waiting for an external source to make it happen for you. Get up, take inspired action and do it on your own. Your timing could be now.


Frustration, anxiety, pressure and discomfort form part of time and its unpredictable process. The sooner you accept that you don’t need to fret over the timing of your life, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy where you currently are. Anchor your mind to the present and deal with things as they are now.





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