what is honestly a waste of your personal time?

Waiting in queues and binge watching pushed aside, here are a few things that are an absolute waste of our time:

Fixating on the future

It’s normal to want to plan for the future, but giving an abnormal amount of focus towards the future is inherently stealing the time you have now. The present is important too. Focus on what you can do now. Don’t fret.

Dwelling on the past

Has someone created a time machine yet? Nope. So, why are you still spending time tormenting yourself over situations and decisions which you cannot change? Let. It. Go.

Trying to change someone

You cannot change someone who isn’t willing to change themselves. Assuming you’re trying to change them for the better, that is. Besides, it’s far easier to try change your opinion/view of someone than to change who they really are. You’ll have some peace of mind too.

Worrying about what others think

Yes, we’re human and we do (to a certain extent) care about what others think about us. Care VS Worry.  Do not let other people’s thoughts of you eat at you. Acknowledge and appreciate people’s feedback, but don’t exhaust yourself trying to please everyone. 

Not pursuing your goals

Your goals should align you with your purpose and if you’re not actively trying to pursue them, what in the world are you spending all your time on? Time waits for no one.






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